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    The Complete Luxury Experience

    Paris Luxe is a New York City based boutique rental service specializing in upscale and luxury short term Parisian apartments. We are the ideal solution for those not yet ready to purchase a second home or join a luxury vacation club. Our apartments offer exclusive privacy and ample space unlike a luxury hotel yet our Parisian host/concierge is available to cater to any personal needs such as stocking your refrigerator or pantry before arrival, arranging for private tours and fashion shows (additional fees).   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

      Apartments vs. Hotels

      Luxury Paris Apartments are increasingly popular alternatives to luxury hotels. When you go on holiday to Paris it is supposed to be about romance, seeing the real Paris, relaxing and not setting your alarm clock to get you up in the morning so you do not miss breakfast. If you want to live like the locals and have a much bigger space to relax in instead of a small hotel room, then a Luxury Vacation Apartment is the answer.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

      Celebrity Review

      With the ability to choose from a plethora of host locations. These high profile guests are candid about their experience with the Paris Luxe. From a Hollywood actor to a fame television doctor - each shares their experience.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

      The Honeymoon Experience

      These days, couples can choose a trip as unique as they are, but who can ask for a better destination than Paris, the city of love!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION