Rik Gitlin is Paris Luxe’s Exclusive Concierge

When the Travel Channel’s Passport to Europe host Samantha Brown needed digs in Paris and the ultimate hand-holding resource, Rik Gitlin concierge extraordinaire was chosen out of thousands.

    With over 2000 guests under his belt and consistent praise, Rik without question will become “your go to source” in Paris. Whether it’s restaurants, spa trips, excursions, car services, or whatever spontaneous things you wish to organize.

    Rik has a unique personal style that has garnered him a loyal fan base within the Paris Luxe family of guests. The questions and answers below will give you a better understanding why a concierge is the “secret sauce” when booking your luxury Paris vacation apartment rental.


Rik Gitlin is Paris Luxe’s Exclusive Concierge Paris is an overwhelming city and we are pleased and excited to offer you premier access to the Travel Channel's Paris concierge, Rik Gitlin.

VIP Concierge

Rik has serviced over 2000 guests and without question will become "your best friend in Paris" regardless of how well you know the City of Light. Rik can assist you with all of your requests including restaurant reservations, spa trips, excursions, car services, or whatever spontaneous things you wish to organize. His goal is to go back and forth between the both of you via phone, e-mail and end up with the 'Paris Visit' of your dreams. He will be available during your entire stay in Paris as well. In addition to his concierge obligations, Rik can act as a liaison between you and your property manager during your time in Paris to ensure that all of your needs are met. The best time to start working with Rik is as soon as your Paris Luxe Vacation Apartment booking is complete since many restaurants request reservations far in advance.
“ I want to thank you for recommending our Concierge-at large, Rik Gitlin. Rik single-handedly made this a trip perfect! From the moment we first started our planning on the phone, and for weeks thereafter, he was a consistent, reliable and creative source of everything in Paris. He helped us in so many ways, in the logistical planning, providing great recommendations, and mostly -- for understanding us and the type of experience we were seeking. And once we were there, he was always accessible, no matter what time I called or what day it was... he was there to answer all our questions, reschedule appointments, and just be a go-to source in Parie! So, thank you for providing us with this gem.”

Linda Scilacci - California


If you are a VIP or want to feel like a VIP you will appreciate this luxe service available. Traditionally reserved for celebrities or high professional individuals, you will experience the prestige of being escorted from the plane and bypassing all the custom lines & passport control, expedited through the entire process and in less than five minutes seated in your luxury vehicle headed to Paris. The Process At the door of the airplane as soon as your flight lands, you are immediately escorted through VIP priority access. As a VIP you immediately bypass the traditional International arrivals clearance route. As an optional service to immediately orient or re-orient you to Paris, a fluent English speaking licensed guide, will meet you upon arrival in the luxury vehicle. This is an ideal way to recover from jetlag and to compensate for the 3pm check in required by most luxury Paris apartments. During the two hour Paris city tour, you will be able to go to the local food markets and purchase groceries, household items, and revisit major sites and familiarize yourself with the City of Light highlights , before heading back to your Paris luxury apartment.